Kyle Chalmers


Where are they now?

Name- Kyle Chalmers

College- Saint Joseph’s University

What are you currently doing?

I am currently an associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In this role, I specialize in data analytics and data visualization, which essentially means that I help companies find important insights from their data about their businesses.

What is your favorite memory of playing high school tennis?

My favorite memory of playing high school tennis for Brophy College Prep was watching my team win the state title my junior year in high school. Earlier in the year, I had the unfortunate experience of tearing my ACL while playing in a national high school tournament. As our #1 player and captain, it was disheartening to both my team and myself to have this happen. However, I could not have been prouder and happier when I watched the team persevere through this adversity and win a very tough state finals match against Desert Mountain. That match, which ironically was one I didn’t play in, will always be one of my favorite memories.

How did high school tennis prepare you for playing in college?

It helped prepare me by giving me leadership experience and grit. As a sophomore, I was thrust into a leadership role as the top player for one of the top teams in the state. I had to learn how to lead by example, be a supportive teammate, and be accountable. College tennis is so much more than an individual sport, as team chemistry and accountability were sometimes reasons why my team at SJU either succeeded or failed. Developing those skills helped prepare me to be a positive influence and leader for my college team.

Additionally, the process of working to come back to full playing shape from my ACL prepared me more than anything for the grueling grind that can be college tennis. Whenever I was struggling in a workout, practice, or match, I’d try to find that fiercely competitive place in myself that I developed while rehabbing my injury. No matter how I felt on a particular day, I brought 100%, 100% of the time.

What advice would you give to those who can’t decide if they want to play high school tennis or not?

Playing high school tennis will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your entire tennis career. Playing on a team adds an element of fun and enjoyment that tennis does not otherwise give as an individual sport. You have a team to root for and a team that will root for you. You will build lasting friendships and learn lessons that will not only help you for your future tennis career, but also your future life and professional career. If I was in high school again, I would make the decision 100 out of 100 times to play high school tennis again.

What is your favorite moment or achievement in college?

I have different favorite moments and achievements, so I’ll write about both. Firstly, my favorite moment has to be our team’s victories over George Mason. Since George Mason had joined the Atlantic 10 Conference, SJU had never beaten them in tennis. Then my senior year, they came to our courts with critical conference seeding position on the line. We played our hearts out with as much energy and fire that I had ever seen our team have and pulled out the victory. I played excellent and won my match at #2, with our #1 and #5 winning as well. The entire match came down to our #6 singles player who won his match in a 3 and ½ hour battle. Both teams were on the sidelines cheering their teammates on, and when our player won we rushed the court as a team jumping in celebration.

My personal best achievement in college is that I became the all-time win leader for SJU tennis. I started every match since my beginning my freshmen year and posted solidly winning records every season I played. I am proud of how I competed and played with grit in every one of my matches. With that mindset, I won 73 singles matches over my 4 years of playing college tennis.

If you could go back in time and play high school tennis again, would you do anything different?  If so, what?

I wouldn’t change anything about my high school tennis experience, not even getting injured. While that may sound extreme, the lessons I learned from the entire experience prepared me for life in ways I would not have expected. With my experience at Brophy, I learned how good teams were formed and worked together, and that grit is the most important characteristics for success with tennis and success in life. However, since my brother Eric Chalmers is now the head tennis coach for Brophy, I guess it would be interesting to play for him. However, I loved playing for Bill Woods and Rey Santos and do not know how well Eric being my coach would work. 😀

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