Below are some links that will help you on your journey as an Arizona tennis coach. As we grow and adapt, this page will become more important and will update more frequently. Our goal is to be a true resource for the AIA. This means influence on decisions, helping run tournaments, and be the organization that helps regulate high school tennis. Resources for our members will be listed under member services.


General USTA website

USTA Southwest

Southwest handbook and tournament guide. In addition, this site links information specific to southwest coaches.

AIA Online (Tennis)

AIA admin website. This site will list all documents given to coaches from the AIA. This includes all information for the state tournament.

AIA 365 (Max preps)

This AIA site lists all ranking, scores, tournaments, and relevant information used for the state ranking system.

United States Professional Tennis Registry 

PTR was founded in 1976, by world renowned coach Dennis Van der Meer.  Dennis saw the need to develop a universal language and progressions for tennis teaching. PTR Membership offers unparalleled educational materials, opportunities, career assistance and most importantly, worldwide recognition and respect.

United States Professional Tennis Association 

Founded in 1927, the United States Professional Tennis Association is the global leader in tennis-teacher certification and professional development. With more than 15,000 members worldwide, the association raises the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches, and promotes a greater awareness of the sport. USPTA offers more than 60 professional benefits to its members, including on-court liability insurance, health insurance assistance and a retirement plan.

United States High School Tennis Coaches Association

The primary mission of the USHSTA is to provide high school tennis coaches with information geared toward the specific task of coaching student athletes in tennis.

USPTA School Membership

This is a new membership category for school tennis coaches. School athletic directors are encouraged to sign up their schools.

USTA Tennis Programs for Everyone

There are plenty of ways to combine tennis and academics, whether you're in elementary school, high school or college.

NFHS Information Center

Student-focused teaching tactics on and off the court.